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Kamal Kumar 2.0

  Today I went to TedX talk and talked about my journey. I am Kamal Kumar a digital marketer. It was an awesome journey completed with the help of Digital Deepak sir and the team. I started my Digital journey in 2015. But did not get success as wanted. I continuously worked on that, learning from the web and implementing but it was not enough to reach the desired success level, it was some but not up to the mark. Then I came in touch with Digital Deepak sir’s Internship program in Jan 2021and joined it. In six weeks I was like flying on a rocket towards my success. It was like I am driven towards my success and it was looking to be happening. I started earning from Rs.300\- from my first project and it kept increasing day by day. Within one year I crossed an income of 1 Lakh rupees. Now I am a proud digital marketer and teaching people about digital marketing and how they can succeed in their life. Now I have an advertising agency of my own and worked for many brands and helped them ac

How to make your product visible to Local users?

 Nowadays, people search for almost everything with their smartphones. In that case, your product must be digitally available to get into the sale funnel. There are many ways to do that, in this post we will show you some of the ways to do that. The above data is based on local searches made by locals on their devices. This is why we are suggesting to take your product to Digital Market. After taking your product to Digital Market, This is the herculean task with which every marketeer struggles. There are numerous benefits of doing local SEO. Above are the rules "How you can win in Local Search". The Signals that Help in showing products in to Local search.  The tools provided by Google which helps in Local searches. Some guidelines from Google to take care while listing your product for search. Some points to be taken care of when producing your product to Digital marketing. We will be showing some guidelines to proceed.  We will be creating some Worksheets and Courses to le