General Knowledge for Standard 2nd and 3rd [page no13]


1. Which country has the most 'Earthquakes' in the world?

Ans. Indonesia

2. Where do pis live?

Ans. Sty

3. Cotton is obtained from which part of the plant?

Ans. Fruit

4. Which is the Highest Dam of India?

Ans. Tehri dam

5. Which sport does 'Saina Nehwal play?

Ans. Badminton

6. Which member of the bee colony lays fertilized eggs?

Ans. Queen

7. Which sound does a pig make

Ans. Oink

8. Where was Mahatma Gandhi born in India

Ans. Porbandar

9. The sun rises in the direction

Ans. East

10. What is called the 'Study of Weather

Ans. Meteorology

11.Which doctor takes care of our teeth

Ans. Dentist

12.In which city 'Tehri Dam is located

Ans. Uttarakhand

13. Which organ is used to smell something

Ans. Nose

14. What was the old name of Sri Lanka

Ans. Ceylon

15. Which is the full form of 'IBM'in terms of computer

Ans. International business machine

16. In which field Oscar awards are given?

Ans. Cinema

17.ARRahman is famous in the field of?

Ans. Music

18. One Million is equal to?

Ans. 10 Lakhs

19. Who is the vehicle of lord 'Ganesha' to ride?

Ans. Mouse

20. Which animal has a strong sense of smell?

Ans. Dog
General Knowledge