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How to unlock Sony Xperia ZL by code?

Unlock Sony Xperia ZL with an unlock code. You need to provide IMEI no of your Sony Xperia ZL. To get IMEI no of Sony Xperia ZL, dial *#06#. The warranty of your Sony Xperia ZL will not be disturbed. Unlocking is available for all network provider phones. Unlocking is not restricted to any carrier.

Unlock Sony Xperia ZL by IMEI

  1. Switch off your device.

  2. Insert SIM card other than default network.

  3. The phone will ask the network unlock code.

  4. Insert unlock code provided by us (Put NCK for main network and SPCK for Subnetwork).

  5. Your Sony Xperia ZL  Will be unlocked.

Check code counter to Unlock Sony Xperia ZL

Switch on the phone without SIM card in it.

  1. Type *#*#7378423#*#*

  2. Go to service info.

  3. Go to SimLock.

  4. Click to X.

  5. Check the values of Network, Subnet or Provider, if it is more than 0, then you can unlock it.

  6. If the value is 0, then it cannot be unlocked.

Second method:

  1. Switch on the phone without SIM card in it.

  2. Lock your screen.

  3. Now press these buttons in sequence: Menu, Back, Back, Menu, Back, Menu, Menu, and Back.

  4. Go to service info.

  5. Go to SimLock.

  6. Click on X.

  7. Check the values of Network, Subnet or Provider, if it is more than 0, then you can unlock it.

  8. If the value is 0, then it cannot be unlocked.

Note 1:

  1. You need to pay only $9USD for unlock code of Sony Xperia ZL.

  2. Comment with IMEI and model for unlock code.

  3. Check to unlock screen first before paying for unlock code.

  4. There must be some attempts left to unlock the device.

  5. The unlock code for Sony Xperia ZL is not free.

  6. 100% refund guaranteed in case of codes is not working.

  7. Further, you can ask by commenting on this post below if, you have any query related to Sony Xperia ZL.

  8. The correct code will be E-Mailed.

Note 2: If, your phone is Tablet SOT31 Premium Dual SOT31 SIM then provide IMEI of primary SIM only. After inserting unlocks code into mobile, both SIM Slots will be free for all networks.

Note 3: Pay only if you are getting unlock screen given in above methods in Sony Xperia ZL.

Note 4: The price for the Sony Factory unlock code is $21USD. You can pay via PayPal ID: Provide IMEI no along with payment.


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