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How to take screenshots in an Apple MacBook?

Are you an Apple Macbook user and wondering how to take the screenshots? You may either take the screenshot of the entire screen or a selected part, depending on your needs. Paragraphs underneath shall provide the necessary inputs in this regard.

Steps to take the screenshot of the entire screen of your Macbook

You require pressing shift-command-3 option and you will be getting the screenshot of the entire screen on your desktop in .png format.

Taking the screenshot of the selected part of the screen

You should press the shit-command-4 keys that will change the pointer to Crosshair. You require moving the Crosshair to the area from where you would like to start the screenshot and subsequently, you should drag it for selecting the coveted area. For changing the direction of the selected move, you may hold the shift option or the space bar. After you have selected the area, release the Trackpad button or the mouse. You should press the ECS button, prior to releasing the key, if you need to cancel the action. You will be getting the screenshot on your desktop as a .png file.

Taking screenshots of  any Window

You should press Shift-Command-4 keys and it will change the pointer to a Crosshair. Subsequently, press the space bar for changing the pointer to a camera. You need to move the camera over the desired window for highlighting it. Press the Trackpad key or the mouse. You may cancel the movement any time, pressing ECS key, prior to clicking. The screenshot shall automatically get saved on the desktop as a .png file,.

Steps for taking the screenshot of the menu

·        You should click on the menu option for revealing its content.
·        Press Shift-Command-4 keys that will change the pointer to a Crosshair
·        Select the desired menu by dragging the pointer
·        Release the Trackpad key or the mouse. If you need to cancel, press the escape button on the keyboard, before the button gets released.
·        You will be getting the screenshot in .png format on your desktop.

Remember, following these steps, you will be able to take the screenshot of the Menu, except the title.

Key points to remember

·        Screenshots gets saved on the desktop in .png format if the operating systems of the Macbook are X v10.6 or advanced versions.

·        As for the nomenclature, it will bear the date and time of taking the screenshot.

·        You may save the screenshots to the clipboard by adding the control to the combination of the keys, stated above. For instance, you will require pressing Control-shift-command-3 option rather than shift-command-3 combination.

The Control-strip area of the touch bar can be customized for including screenshot buttons. Subsequently, you may tap on the screenshot keys for getting an alternative on the screenshot type and the location to save it. The screenshots can be open with Safari, Preview, as well as with other apps that can view or edit images. However, a few apps like DVD player may not allow you to take the screenshot of the windows. 


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