Basic things to keep in mind while using Apple Mac Book.

Possession of a new Macbook brings a feel-good factor in the enthusiasts of the technical gadgets. However, as a new user, you need to know about some fundamental points that will enable you to use the device safely and to the optimal extent.  Paragraphs underneath shall highlight the key points in that regard.
Apple Mac Book Air

About installation and uninstallation of apps

The most common types of apps can be installed on Mac, simply by dragging the file downloaded into the folder for applications. This makes a huge difference with Windows. This might turn to be an operational issue with the first-time users. You need to keep in mind that not all the applications follow the same principles and few might ever require a setup wizard. If you are downloading an app, directly from the App store, you will not require any wizard. For uninstalling the app, you simply require dragging the application that you would like to eliminate. In some cases, you might require a wizard.

You will not require the Defrag

In case you have shifted to Mac OS X from windows, you would be delighted to know that you will not require Defrag your system. The operating system for Macbook has been developed on UNIX technology. As such, if the hard drive is getting fragmented, the operating system will automatically Defrag it.

You should close the Crashed or unresponsive applications

If you even experience such instances, you may opt to force quit option that you can do by right-clicking on the application in the dock. If you are not getting this option, you should hold down the option button and right-click on the application. On the other hand, if you are looking for the Control-Alt-Delete combination, you require pressing the command-Option-escape combination. This will open a tiny utility, named as “Force-quit application”. You simply need to select the application that you require closing and subsequently, you should click on the “force Quit” key.

Should you minimize the window or close it?

The first-time users are ought to find the task of switching between the windows a bit tough. The orientation in this regard is different to the orientation, followed by Mac. You will be getting a yellow button in the middle that minimizes the application and the green button maximizes it. If you need to close the application fully, you should right click on Dock and you have to select “quit” option. Alternatively, you may quit the application from the menu bar or you may press “command-q” combination.

How to find system information?

Are you wondering how to find the system information? This is an application that usually lies within the application folder or you may find it in the Launchpad. This application preserves all the key information about Macbook. For instance, you can find the extent of memory left over, hardware UUID, serial number, as well as the number of cores.

The points discussed above will enable you to adopt better with the Macbook and use the device to the optimal extent.