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How to take screenshots in an Apple MacBook?

Are you an Apple Macbook user and wondering how to take the screenshots? You may either take the screenshot of the entire screen or a selected part, depending on your needs. Paragraphs underneath shall provide the necessary inputs in this regard. Steps to take the screenshot of the entire screen of your Macbook You require pressing shift-command-3 option and you will be getting the screenshot of the entire screen on your desktop in .png format. Taking the screenshot of the selected part of the screen You should press the shit-command-4 keys that will change the pointer to Crosshair. You require moving the Crosshair to the area from where you would like to start the screenshot and subsequently, you should drag it for selecting the coveted area. For changing the direction of the selected move, you may hold the shift option or the space bar. After you have selected the area, release the Trackpad button or the mouse. You should press the ECS button, prior to releasing t

Basic things to keep in mind while using Apple Mac Book.

Possession of a new Macbook brings a feel-good factor in the enthusiasts of the technical gadgets. However, as a new user, you need to know about some fundamental points that will enable you to use the device safely and to the optimal extent.  Paragraphs underneath shall highlight the key points in that regard. About installation and uninstallation of apps The most common types of apps can be installed on Mac, simply by dragging the file downloaded into the folder for applications. This makes a huge difference with Windows. This might turn to be an operational issue with the first-time users. You need to keep in mind that not all the applications follow the same principles and few might ever require a setup wizard. If you are downloading an app, directly from the App store, you will not require any wizard. For uninstalling the app, you simply require dragging the application that you would like to eliminate. In some cases, you might require a wizard. You will not requir

What is Grey Hat SEO?

Grey hat SEO is a practice of Search Engine Practice or briefly SEO. Like all the other SEO processes, grey hat SEO also aims at getting a better ranking in search engine result pages. For a better ranking of a website in search engines, SEO is needed. SEO is basically the collection of all such tactics and techniques. The main purpose of a website to achieve higher rank in the search engine is simply to be more visible. The more visible websites, comparatively, is more trusted by users. More visible websites are trustworthy and bring good business. Further, SEO can be branched into three major classifications white hat SEO, grey hat SEO, and black hat SEO. Whereas the differences between white hat SEO and black hat SEO are very palpable, the grey hat is rather difficult to define. It is noteworthy that grey hat SEO is believed to be riskier than white hat SEO. Grey Hat SEO Grey hat SEO can be termed as the practices and strategies that are ethically dubious in natu