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How to detect that my computer is having malware?


The rising threats from malware, computer viruses, and spyware can severely affect the system security. Malware are a matter of concerns as it can make the computer to go completely out of functions. With that said, you need to take adequate measures that will shield your computer from the threats of the malware. The paragraphs underneath will discuss the most common symptoms for malware affecting your computer.

Your computer will lose the speed

The most frequently noticed symptom of malware affecting the computer is that it loses the speed and turns significantly slow. When these instances come up, you can take it for sure that your computer has been affected by the malware. However, ensure that your system is not loaded with heavy applications that are yet another reason to reduce the operating speed of the system.

You get unsolicited popup

Another most frequently observed indication of malware affecting the system is that you will start receiving unwanted popup. These instances not only affect the way you navigate the internet but, makes it impossible to remove the malware. These applications can damage the computer and make it go completely non-functional.

System Crash

Malware intensifies the frequency of system crashes and hence if you ever notice that your computer is crashing more frequently than usual, get sure that the malware threats have swallowed the system security. However, such instances can even arise due to technical reasons and hence, if you notice that your system is getting crashed more frequently than usual, it will be wise to seek technical help. If the engineer ensures that there are no technical reasons, you get sure that your computer has been affected by malware. The engineer will be the right person to diagnose the possibility of malware attack and suggest the remedial actions.

Unusual activities performed by the hard disk

If you ever notice that the hard disk has turned overactive, it is a strong indication of malware issues. Hence, if you are noticing such instances at any point in time, you require adopting preventive measures.

Exhaustion of the hard drive space

Sometimes, your computer will start alerting you that the hard disk space is about to exhaust or it has been exhausted completely. It is for the reasons that there are specific categories of malware that eats up the available space on the hard drive. This is one of the most commonly observed symptoms for malware affecting computers.

 In addition to the points stated above, there can be innumerable other symptoms, suggesting malware affecting the computer. You can collate more information in this regard, doing online research. These applications are the strongest challenge to system security and hence, you need to take remedial measures to control the damage. As prevention is always better that to cure, you should preventive measures that will check the infusion of such applications into the system. Keep the system under routine check and install the best malware protection software. This way, you can keep your computers shielded from the threats of malware.


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