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How to detect that my computer is having malware?

The rising threats from malware, computer viruses, and spyware can severely affect the system security. Malware are a matter of concerns as it can make the computer to go completely out of functions. With that said, you need to take adequate measures that will shield your computer from the threats of the malware. The paragraphs underneath will discuss the most common symptoms for malware affecting your computer. Your computer will lose the speed The most frequently noticed symptom of malware affecting the computer is that it loses the speed and turns significantly slow. When these instances come up, you can take it for sure that your computer has been affected by the malware. However, ensure that your system is not loaded with heavy applications that are yet another reason to reduce the operating speed of the system. You get unsolicited popup Another most frequently observed indication of malware affecting the system is that you will start receiving unwanted p

Unlock smartphone locked to a network

Smartphone You need to get the IMEI code for your hand phone The first step for unlocking the Smartphone is to get the IMEI code of your device. The easiest way to do it is to press *#06#. Alternatively, you will get the number mentioned in the packing box of your device. In case, your hand phone features a non-removable battery, you will get this code behind the back cover of the handset. In such instances, you can avail the code, once you remove the battery. Visit to get the unlock Code Once you have the IMEI number for your handset, you need checking whether if the brand and model of your hand phone provided on the website. If you get the said code available on the website. Subsequently, you need to provide the IMEI code of your hand phone in the comment box.  The site will ask you to provide your valid email address and once you have completed the necessary formalities, you will receive the unlock code via email. Unlock the phone usin

Privacy Policy

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