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Your Outlook Account is out of date. How to fix it?

One of the best gifts of today’s modern technology is email. Email is the way of communication which provides you the chance to contact with a person within a few seconds. No matter, in which part of the world you are dwelling, you will be able to send a message or share photos or videos with someone through email quite easily.

When it comes to creating your email account, a large number of people select Outlook for creating their email account. Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager which has been developed by Microsoft. It is available as a part of Microsoft Office suite. Although it includes a calendar, contact manager, note taking, task manager, web browsing and journal, it is basically used as an email application. 

Right now, a large number of users have got bothered with their outlook account as they have got a notification as Your Outlook Account is out of date on their Windows 10 software. Now get an easy solution to this problem if you also belong to this group and have received this notification while trying to open your account.

How it occurs?

When you will log in with your Windows 10 computer, you may get a notification saying Your Outlook Account is out of date on the right side of the screen. In case you overlook this pop-up notification, you will get to see it in the Action Center. Once you click on either of these that are at the Action Center or on the up notification, the Mail app will be opened. There you will get to see a message where there will be two options, such as Fix account or Dismiss.

What is the cause of this error?

The major problem of an outdated account is an incorrect password. You must select the Fix account option in the notification bar at the top of the notification or email bar. You will receive a message asking to update your password, in case your password is incorrect. In that case, you would need to enter and password and select “Done”.

If there is no problem with your password, you will get a certificate error and receive a message stating "There is a problem with the server's security certificate. The security certificate is not from a trusted certifying authority."

How to fix it?

If you want to run your account smoothly, you must click on ‘Fix accountto solve the problem. Once you click on the ‘Fix account, Windows 10 will start fixing the problem automatically but most of the time the error occurs when you don’t secure your email or use SSL. You have to follow the following steps to fix this error:

·         Go to Settings > Manage Accounts

·         Select the outdated account to view the account settings dialog

·         Select Change mailbox sync settings, and then go to Advanced mailbox settings

·         Check the boxes for Require SSL for incoming email and Require SSL for outgoing email 

·         At last, select Done> Save

Alternative ways to fix your problem

It’s fine if you manage to fix your problem following the aforementioned ways but according to the report, the Fix account option is not working for some people. If you are facing the same problem, you can try out the following ways to solve your problem:

1. Restart your computer and Log in to your Microsoft Account.

2. Check if it has stopped sending such notification 

3. Make sure that you are using your latest password on the web, Outlook and in the Mail app

4. The role of Date and Time settings play is quite important in Windows 10 as it helps to make the communication process regular. Hence, you must check your Windows computer time if you are facing such problem. You have to go to Open Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Date and Time > Internet Time to set the Date and Time appropriately. 

5. You can make the process easier by synchronizing with an Internet time server and setting the system time manually.

These are the probable reasons and the way out which can be related to your Outlook account. 


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