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What is a Link in a website?

In the world of computing, a link, or a hyperlink refers to data which a reader can follow directly by the means of clicking, be hovering, or tapping. A link signifies a whole document or a specific element present within a document. The text with hyperlinks is known as hypertext. The text which is linked is known as anchor text. The software system which is used for the creation of hypertext is called a hypertext system. A reader or user following hyperlinks is said to navigate or browse through the hypertext. 

The document which contains is hyperlink is called the source document. Hyperlink and links are commonly used for implementing mechanisms like tables of footnotes, indexes, contents, glossaries, and letters. In some hypertexts, links can also be bidirectional. This indicates that they can be followed from two directions, where both the ends become anchors.

Types of links

Inline links

A link which displays remote content without the requirement of embedding the content is known as an inline link. The remote content can be accessed with or without a user selecting it. An inline link displays modified version of the content at times. A thumbnail, a cropped section, magnified selection, or low-resolution image may be shown instead of a proper image. The full content can be accessed on demand. This is ideal for files of smaller size and for quicker response to the changes when the full content is not required.


An anchor link is a link which refers to a certain portion or part of a document. It refers to text commonly. It may also be present in other areas as the hot area in an image, which is an irregular and designated part of an image. It can be defined by listing the coordinates indicating its boundaries.

Links in HTML

Hyperlinks are used for linking any kind of information to some other information via the internet. Hyperlinks account for being very important for the creation of the world of internet or World Wide Web. All web pages are designed in the hypertext markup language HTML.

The hyperlink of the homepage of an organization WYC reads like this:

<a href="">WYC organization website</a>

Several tags are contained in this HTML code. They are as follows:

·        The link starts off with an anchor text tag <a. It also includes a link reference, href=" to the page’s URL.

·        > follows the URL, which marks the end of the opening anchor tag.

·        The following words identify the content which is linked. This is the part of the code which is visible on the screen when you render the page. However, when you hover the cursor over the link, many browsers will be displaying the target URL on the screen itself, commonly in the lower left corner.

     ·        These words are colored and underlined usually. Blue is used for a link, which has not yet been visited, while the purple color signifies a link which you have already visited. 
     ·        (</a>) indicates the closing anchor text tag.

A link is a very common part of web browsing, and every time you enter the name of a website in the address bar, you are actually entering the link which takes you to the website.




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