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Shortcuts Microsoft Word

Shortcuts Microsoft Word : Talkontable


Microsoft Word or you can say MS-Word is a program that is enabled with graphical word processing and helps the users to type the documents very easily. The company which has made this program is none other than Microsoft. It helps the users worldwide to type and save the documents very easily. A lot of features are enabled in MS Word like grammar and spelling checker, picture insertion, graphs, tables, different printing options, and so much more. There are many shortcuts in Microsoft Word that can make the work very easy to perform and will save a lot of time.

Have a look at various important shortcuts in Microsoft Word

     ·        Ctrl + A- it helps in selection of all the contents in a page.

     ·        Ctrl + B- it helps to bold the selected section.

     ·        Ctrl + 0- it provides a spacing of 6 points before a paragraph.

     ·        Ctrl + C- it helps to copy the selected text.

     ·        Ctrl + D- it opens the window where you can see and edit font preferences.

    ·        Ctrl + E- it helps in aligning the text or the line that you select to the screen’s center.

     ·        Ctrl + F- it helps to open the find box.

     ·        Ctrl + I- it makes the selected text in Italics.

     ·        Ctrl + J- the selected text is aligned to justify the screen.

     ·        Ctrl + K- it is used for inserting a hyperlink.

     ·        Ctrl + L- it is useful to align the selected text to the left side of the screen.

     ·        Ctrl + M- it is used for paragraph indentation.

     ·        Ctrl + N- it is used for opening a new blank document.

     ·        Ctrl + O- it is used to open the dialog box from which you can select the file to be opened.

     ·        Ctrl + P- it helps in opening the print window.

     ·        Ctrl + R- it helps to align the selected text to the screen’s right side.

     ·        Ctrl + S- it helps in saving the document that is open.

     ·        Ctrl + T- it is used for creating a hanging indent.

     ·        Ctrl + U- it is used for underlining the text that has been selected.

     ·        Ctrl + V- for pasting.

     ·        Ctrl + W- to close the document that is currently opened.

     ·        Ctrl + X- to cut the selected text.

     ·        Ctrl + Y- for redoing the previous action that has been done.

     ·        Ctrl + Z- to undo the last task done.

     ·        Ctrl + Shift + L- it helps in creating the bullet point.

     ·        Ctrl + Shift + F- to change the font style.

     ·        Ctrl + <left arrow>- helps in moving one word to the left.

     ·        Ctrl + <right arrow>- helps in moving one word to the right.

     ·        Ctrl + <up arrow>- helps in moving to the beginning of a paragraph.

     ·        Ctrl + <down arrow>- helps in moving to the end of the paragraph.

     ·        Ctrl + Del- helps in deleting the word to the right side of the cursor.

     ·        Ctrl + Backspace- helps in deleting the word to the left side of the cursor.

     ·        F1- opens help window.

     ·        F4- helps in repeating the last task.

     ·        F5- opens the window to find, replace and go to. 

     ·         F7- helps in spell check and grammar check.

     ·        F12- used to save as.

     ·        Shift + F3- changing the text from uppercase to lowercase.

     ·        Shift + F7- for thesaurus check.

     ·        Shift + F12- to save the document.

     ·        Shift + Enter- for creating the soft break.

     ·        Shift + Insert- to paste.

     ·        Shift + Alt + D- to insert the current date.

     ·        Shift + Alt + T- to insert the current time.


These shortcuts are very helpful to make the work easier and faster. You don’t have to search for important options in MS Word if you remember the shortcuts and you will able to do all the work without any hassles.


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● Ctrl+A      Use the keyboard shortcut key ctrl+A   to select all item in a window or a text file.. ● Ctrl+B      Use the keyboard shortcut key ctrl+B   to  Bold   highlighted text ● Ctrl+C      Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+C  to copy the highlight text. ● Ctrl+F     Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+F  to Find in any program,This  includes your Internet browser to find text on the current page. ● Ctrl+N     Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+N  to Create new page Or Documents. ● Ctrl+O     Use keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+O to open a file. ● Ctrl+P    Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+P to  Print the page being viewed. For example, the document in Microsoft Word or the web page in your Internet browser. ● Ctrl+S     Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+S to While working on a document or other file in almost every program pressing Ctrl+S will save that file. This shortcut key should be used frequently anytime you're work