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Shortcuts Microsoft PowerPoint

Shortcuts Microsoft PowerPoint


Microsoft PowerPoint is a program designed by Microsoft for running the presentations with the help of slides and creates a slide show to present all the information. This program is used globally to create presentations and is very effective in presenting the information that helps to create an impact on the viewers. The various shortcuts in Microsoft PowerPoint are of great help to the users which makes the work easy and fast.

Here is a list of important shortcuts that are used in Microsoft PowerPoint

      ·        Ctrl + Shift + Tab – it helps in switching between outline and thumbnail pane.

      ·        Ctrl + Enter – helps in inserting new slide or to move to next placeholder.

      ·        Ctrl + M – it helps in entering a new slide.

      ·        Ctrl + D – it helps in duplicating the current slide.

      ·        Ctrl + Shift + > - it increases the font size.

      ·        Ctrl + Shift + < - it decreases the font size.

      ·        Ctrl + T or Ctrl + Shift + F – it displays the font dialog box.

      ·        Shift + F3 – it helps in changing the case.

      ·        Ctrl + = - it helps in applying superscript formatting.

      ·        Ctrl + Shift + Plus sign – it helps in applying subscript formatting.

      ·        Ctrl + Spacebar – helps in removing manual character formatting.

      ·        Ctrl + E – it centers the paragraph.

      ·        Ctrl + J – it justifies the paragraph.

      ·        Ctrl + L – it aligns the paragraph to the left.

      ·        Ctrl + R – it aligns the paragraph to the right.

      ·        Alt + Shift + Left arrow – it promotes a paragraph in an outline.

      ·        Alt + Shift + Right arrow – it demotes the paragraph in an outline.

      ·        Alt + Shift + Up arrow – it helps in moving selected outline paragraphs upwards.

    ·    Alt + Shift + Down arrow - – it helps in moving selected outline paragraphs downwards.
      ·        Alt + Shift + 1 - it displays outline heading level 1.

      ·        Alt + Shift + + - it helps in expanding outline text below the heading.

      ·        Alt + Shift + – - it helps in collapsing outline text below the heading.

      ·        Alt + Shift +A –it shows or collapse all texts or headings.

      ·        Shift + F9 – it helps in showing or hiding the grid.

      ·        Alt + F9 – it helps to show or hide the guides.

      ·        F5 – to run the presentation.

      ·        Ctrl + P – to print the presentation.

      ·        Esc – to end the slide show.

     ·        Ctrl + A – changing the pen to the pointer and to select all the objects on slides tab.

      ·        Ctrl + H – it helps in hiding the pointer or the pen.

      ·        Tab – helps in moving to the next hyperlink.

      ·        B – it makes the screen black during the show.

      ·        W – it makes the screen white during the show.

      ·        S – to stop or to restart the automatic show.

      ·        1 + Enter – to return to the first slide.

      ·        Ctrl + G – for grouping the selected items.

      ·        Ctrl + Shift + G –for ungrouping.

      ·        Slide number + Enter – to go to a particular slide during presentation.

      ·        F6 – moving clockwise among panes in normal view.

      ·        Shift + F6 – moving counter clockwise among panes in the normal view.

      ·        Ctrl + Shift + C – copy formatting.

      ·        Ctrl + Shift + V – pasting the formatting.

      ·        Ctrl + K – for inserting hyperlink.

      ·        Ctrl + S – to save the presentation.

      ·        Alt + F4 – to quit power point.

      ·        Ctrl + N – it helps in creating a new presentation.

      ·        Ctrl + O - to open the presentation.

      ·        Ctrl + W – to close the presentation.

      ·        F1- for help.

      ·        F 12 – to open save as dialog box.


These shortcuts are used to enhance the speed with which you can make your presentations very fastly and easily. There are some other shortcuts as well but the list covers the very important ones that every user must know.


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