Day to day computer desktop shortcuts to ease your work manifolds.

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There are many shortcuts in computing that can be used to make the work much easier on daily basis. It will not only save a lot of time but will also help in the faster processing of the work. Instead of taking the long route, these shortcuts can be easily applied and one can easily get the desired results without wasting time.

Here is a list of day to day shortcuts that can be used while working.

    ·        Alt + Tab – keep on pressing this until you see the application that you want to open and then you can easily open it.

    ·        Windows key + Tab – it brings up the side bar that gives the small previews of all the open applications.

     ·        Alt + F4 – to close any window.

     ·        CTRL + F4 – to close just the current tab.

     ·        CTRL + W – it will close the current tab.

     ·        Holding the Alt key will enable the user to see everything that is open and you can easily switch to any program that you want.

     ·        CTRL + Tab – if used inside a program it helps in switching between all the open tabs.

     ·        Alt + Esc- it cycles through the items in the order they were opened.

     ·        F1- for help.

     ·        F2- for renaming.

     ·        F3- for searching a file or folder.

     ·        F4- displays the address bar.

     ·        F5 or Ctrl + R- to refresh the active window.

     ·        F6 – it helps to cycle through the screen elements.

     ·        F 10 – to activate menu bar.

  •      Ctrl + Alt + Tab- it makes the use of arrow keys to switch between all open apps.

     ·        Ctrl + Esc – it opens the start screen.
     ·       Ctrl + Shift + Esc – it opens the task manger.

     ·        Shift + Delete – it deletes the item without moving it to the recycle bin.

     ·        Alt + left arrow – to move backwards.

     ·        Alt + right arrow – to go forward.

     ·        Ctrl + T – to open a new tab.

     ·        Ctrl + D – to bookmark a page.

     ·        Ctrl + B – it shows bookmark manager.

     ·        Ctrl + F – helps in finding.

     ·        Ctrl + Plus – for zooming in.

     ·        Ctrl + Minus – to zoom out.

     ·        Ctrl + L – for jumping to address bar.

     ·        Ctrl + A – for selecting all the content in a file.

     ·        Ctrl + C – to copy.

     ·        Ctrl + X – to cut.

     ·        Ctrl + V- to paste.

     ·        Ctrl + Z – to undo last action.

     ·        Ctrl + Y – to redo last action.

     ·        Windows Logo + L – locks the computer

     ·        Windows Logo + D – shows the desktop by minimizing all.

     ·        Ctrl + P – to print any document.

     ·        Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete – helps in launching task manager.

     ·        CTRL + B – to make the text bold.

     ·        CTRL + I – to make text italics.

     ·        Windows + Left Arrow- to snap the window to left side of the screen.

     ·        Windows + Right Arrow – to snap the window to the right side of the screen.

     ·        ALT+ENTER – it helps in viewing the properties of selected item.


This list contains many important shortcuts that can be used on day to day basis to make the work easy and fast. There are other shortcuts as well but the list covers some of the very important and useful shortcuts that can be used by anyone to make the work simple.