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Recover deleted photo

Delete the photos from phone or memory card to recover this type...

Smartphone users in photo, video, audio or other files keep. So memory is thousand of photos on mobile can be drawn, But if you think of it, if someone accidentally deleted photos from memory cards and then what would you do? If that happens, there is nothing to worry, because you can recover photos deleted from the memory card.

If for some reason the memory card or the phone's internal memory are deleted from the photo, please do not do these things.

Drag a new photo from the mobile cameraDo not enter any new data in the memory cardDo not transfer the data to memory cardDo not turn off the mobile.NOTE:When you delete a photo from a memory card in the smartphone are not as if they are permanent. Instead, she hides (hide) becomes. The photos can be recovered again.


              If you have deleted the pictures from your smartphone if it should find that the first photos have been deleted, they were in the intern…

Shortcuts Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word or you can say MS-Word is a program that is enabled with graphical word processing and helps the users to type the documents very easily. The company which has made this program is none other than Microsoft. It helps the users worldwide to type and save the documents very easily. A lot of features are enabled in MS Word like grammar and spelling checker, picture insertion, graphs, tables, different printing options, and so much more. There are many shortcuts in Microsoft Word that can make the work very easy to perform and will save a lot of time.
Have a look at various important shortcuts in Microsoft Word
     ·Ctrl + A- it helps in selection of all the contents in a page.
     ·Ctrl + B- it helps to bold the selected section.
     ·Ctrl + 0- it provides a spacing of 6 points before a paragraph.
     ·Ctrl + C- it helps to copy the selected text.
     ·Ctrl + D- it opens the window where you can see and edit font preferences.
    ·Ctrl + E- it helps in aligning t…

Shortcuts Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a program designed by Microsoft for running the presentations with the help of slides and creates a slide show to present all the information. This program is used globally to create presentations and is very effective in presenting the information that helps to create an impact on the viewers. The various shortcuts in Microsoft PowerPoint are of great help to the users which makes the work easy and fast.
Here is a list of important shortcuts that are used in Microsoft PowerPoint
      ·Ctrl + Shift + Tab – it helps in switching between outline and thumbnail pane.
      ·Ctrl + Enter – helps in inserting new slide or to move to next placeholder.
      ·Ctrl + M – it helps in entering a new slide.
      ·Ctrl + D – it helps in duplicating the current slide.
      ·Ctrl + Shift + > - it increases the font size.
      ·Ctrl + Shift + < - it decreases the font size.