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How to set windows update settings in windows 10 PC?

In Update & Security settings comes Windows Update, Windows Defender, Backup, Recovery, Activation, Find my Device, For developers, and Windows Insider Program. To go to these settings follow further steps. Go to Start menu , click on Settings , and then click on Update & Security (Windows Update, Recovery, and Backup). Click on Windows Update settings. Windows update Update status Here, you will find information regarding Windows Update. If due to some reason, your PC is not updating then this will provide help to update the PC. You can see here which update is having the problem. You can retry installing the update. Below link leads you to Update History. Click to check your PC’s update history. Update settings You can opt for automatically updating of available updates. You can also Change active hours  settings from here. Restart options  can be modified and changed with this link. Click on Advance

Earning money online became easy

How to earn money online? The internet has become a lifeline in the 21 st century. Everything one needs can be found online. So it isn’t a surprise when people earn money online. People get paid a significant amount of money without getting out of their houses. This is really desirable for people with certain disabilities or problems. There are various ways of earning money online. Below is a list of some convenient ways of earning money online. 1.   Online surveys: Research companies are always looking to test their products and surveys are always welcome. They are always recruiting people to do online surveys to test their new products and are willing to pay money for it. 2.     Reviewing websites an d apps : It is an easy way to make money reviewing new apps and browsing through various kinds of websites by different companies. 3.     Writing various content: Writing blogs or content for different companies, institutions and individuals are a good sour

What is computer and its related terms?

What is Computer? The word Computer originally comes from the Latin word “ Computare ”. Computare means to do a calculation or programmable machine. Initially, the first mechanical computer was designed by Charles Babbage , so he is also called the father of Computer. But initially, he used punch cards for reading only memory. Definition of Computer:  A computer is an electronics machine/device which takes input through the user (by means of the mouse, keyboard etc.) then process it and gives output/result (through the monitor, printer etc.). It can process both the numeric and arithmetic & logical calculations. Structural diagram of Computer is as follows: What are the major components of a Computer? A computer is mainly divided into three parts which are as follows:           (a)     Input Device             (b)    Central Processing Unit             (c)     Output Device What do you mean by input devices? Input Device : Input

Google Allo : A new messanger

Technology at your fingertips…. Today’s world is full of technical development. Google Allo is the new messaging app invented in our nation. It is an instant messaging mobile app developed by Google that includes a high software agent and provides a "smart reply" function that allows users to reply without typing. What is a smart reply? It is new for this app. Google has used a function called “machine learning” technology which is a high-end process where the machine itself has the ability to suggest a reply to the last message, which can be selected from a few options. The feature also analyses images sent to the user in order to suggest responses. Similar to the smart reply feature, it learns from the user's behavior to adapt its suggestions over time. How does Allo work? But as like other users, it also consists of phone numbers to send all sorts of text messages to anyone belongs to your phonebook not only the Allo users. Apart from that G

How to manage settings of radios, other devices, feedback & diagnostics, and background apps in privacy settings with your Windows 10/8/7 OS PC?

In privacy settings comes Camera, Microphone, Notifications, Speech, Inking, typing, Account info, Contacts, Calendar, Call History, Email, Messaging, Radios, Other devices, Feedback & diagnostics, and Background apps. To go to these settings follow further steps. Go to Start menu , click on Settings , and then click on Privacy (Location, camera). Now, click on Radios in privacy settings. Manage radios settings Some apps use Radios like Bluetooth in your device to send and receive data. Apps need to turn these Radios ON/OFF to work their magic. You can turn ON/OFF Radios from given ON/OFF toggle button below it. You can also choose apps that can control Radios. Apps that can control Radios with your permission will appear below. You can also download apps that can control Radios. Manage other devices settings Below Radios are other devices, in privacy settings. Click on other devices to open it. Sync with devices This setti