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To remove spying apps from your PC Destroy Windows Spying app can come handy. This software is available free of cost on the Internet for Windows 10/8/7. You can access the source code of this app at GitHub. This software disables spying apps, removes some elements of telemetry and completely destroys spying. Destroy Windows Spying enables you to disable Windows Cortana, defender and much more apps related to spying. It lets you disable Windows update, means you will not get the new update to your spyware.

Many IP addresses will be blocked by Destroy Windows Spying by which your computer connects to spyware and data. All the programs are irreversible and would not be rolled back to the previous setting even after systems restore point.

Destroy Windows Spying follows the following command for command line:

/lang= – set the language of the program starts. Example: /lang=en
/deleteapp= – allows you to delete an application Metro in Windows. Example: /deleteapp=bing or /deleteapp=note
/destroy – an argument for removing spyware.
IMPORTANT! Arguments /destroy and /deleteapp= cannot be combined, and the argument /deleteapp= cannot be used several times.

You can configure following settings with Destroy Windows Spying:

Note: before you change any settings make sure you create System Restore Point.

1.   Delete Keylogger and Telemetry.
2.   Add spy domains to the hosts file, and the block in Windows Firewall.
3.   Disable private settings
4.   Disable windows defender
5.   Set default Windows photo viewer
6.   Disable SPY tasks
7.   Delete windows metro apps
8.   Delete Builder 3G
9.   Delete Camera
10. Delete Mail, Calendar, Maps
11. Delete Money, Sports, News, Weather
12. Delete Groove Music, Film TV
13. Delete People, OneNote
14. Delete Phone Companion
15. Delete Photos
16. Delete Solitaire Collection
17. Delete Voice Recorder
18. Delete XBOX

Destroy Windows Spying lets you do following changes apart from above settings, under utility tab:

1. Open and edit HOSTS file.
2. Delete all Windows 10 metro apps
3. Enable / Disable UAC
4. Delete Office 2016 Telemetry
5. Fix screen rotate
6. System Restore
7. Delete one drive
8. Enable / Disable Windows Update
9. Remove all old DWS Firewall Rules

Following privacy tool may come handy:


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