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Security of Windows can be enhanced by two of it free software, The Wizard and Win 10 Privacy. This two software focus more on security. With the help of these software you can modify almost all settings of your Windows 10 Operating System related to its security. You can do this with Windows 10 Security Plus. This software also comes free of cost. This application Designed to enhance security of Windows 10. This software comes in a portable format of 32-bit and 4-bit formats.

This software is compatible with Windows 10/8/7 vista. This application enables important security services, disables vulnerable system features (such as autorun.inf, NTVDM executions, Windows host script), etc.  

Some of the important features of this program are:

1.   Show hidden and system files
2.   Show File Extensions for known files
3.   Enable SmartScreen Filter for Windows Store Apps
4.   Enable SmartScreen Filter for Unrecognized Programs
5.   Enable SmartScreen Filter for Microsoft Edge
6.   Enable SmartScreen Filter for Internet Explorer
7.   Enable Windows File Protection (SFC)
8.   Disable Pre-Release Features\Settings
9.   Disable Windows Script Host
10. Enable DEP for Essential Windows Programs & Services
11. Enable User Account Control (UAC)
12. Always Send Do Not Track on Internet Explorer
13. Block Software with Invalid Signature on Internet Explorer
14. Always Send DoNotTrack on Microsoft Edge
15. Activate SEH Overwrite Protection for All Programs
16. Disable Remote Registry Service
17. Disable Execution of 16-bit Processes (NTVDM)
18. Enable Windows Updates
19. Enable Windows Security Center
20. Enable Windows Defender (Antimalware)
21. Force Windows to Unload DLLs from Memory
22. Turn On the Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker
23. Enable Volume Shadow Copy Service
24. Turn On Microsoft Edge Pop-up Blocker
25. Notify Me on USB Devices Connection Errors
26. Disable Windows Remote Assistance
27. Disallow Remote Desktop Connections to This PC
28. Enable Internet Explorer Memory Protection
29. Restrict Changes to Base System Objects
30. Completely Block and Disable Autorun.inf Files
31. Disable Autoplay for Any Device
32. Disable Automatic Restart on System Crashes
33. Disable NTFS Short File Names (8dot3)
34. Enable Windows System Restore
35. Disable Microsoft Consumer Experience
36. Enable Driver Signing Check (Integrity Check)
37. Safely Search DLLs to Load
38. Verify Signature of Downloaded Programs
39. Disable Drivers Update from Windows Updates
40. Warn on Bad SSL Certificate
41. Prompt User if Unsigned Driver Software is Installed
42. Check for Server Certificate Revocation
43. Defer Windows Upgrades 


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