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The best operating system made till now is Windows 10. But Microsoft is collecting huge data from your computer. Windows is doing so to provide you solutions and suggestions based on your computer usage for ‘Cortana’ to work efficiently on your computer. By default Windows 10 collects data from our PC, but we do not want to share our personal and private data. But you can disable them by some changes to settings, registry, and group policy editor etc.

Ashampoo Antispy for Windows 10 provides you options for change in settings of Windows 10 by clicking few clicks of your mouse. You can configure your systems privacy settings with the help of this program. You can prevent Windows from collecting and sending data. This program will work only on Windows 10  and not on other older version of Windows like Win 7 vista/8/8.1/XP.

This program asks you to “create a system restore point” when you run this program.

Ensure that before making any changes to Windows, create a system restore point.

You can enable/disable the following settings with the help of Ashampoo Antispy in Windows 10:


1. Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps
2. Turn on SmartScreen Filter to check web content (URLs)
3. Let the website provide locally relevant content by accessing my language list
4. Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future
5. WiFi Sense
6. Enabled Notifications
7. Automatic driver update
8. Biometrics 


1. Location of this device
2. Global location features are enabled


1. Let apps use my camera
2. App connector is allowed to use your camera
3. Microsoft Edge is allowed to use your camera
4. One Note is allowed to use your camera


1. Let apps use my microphone
2. Microsoft Edge is allowed to use the microphone
3. Windows Voice Recorder is allowed to use the microphone
4. XBox apps are allowed to use the microphone

Windows Cortana

1. Speech, inking and typing (Windows and Cortana)
2. Cortana
3. Microsoft Application Telemetry
4. Microsoft Inventory Service

Account Info

1. Let apps access my name, picture, and other account info


1. The App Connector is allowed to access your contacts
2. The Mail and Calendar app are allowed to access your contacts
3. Windows Shell Experience is allowed to access your contacts


1. Let apps access my calendar
2. App Connector can access my calendar
3. Mail and calendar app can access my calendar


1. Let apps read or send messages (text or MMS) 


1. Let apps use radios (i.e. Bluetooth) to send and receive data


1.   Let your apps automatically share and sync info with wireless devices
2.   Let apps use Cruzer Force
3.   Cruzer Force apps – Microsoft Phone Companion
4.   Lock screen camera
5.   Handwriting data sharing
6.   Microsoft One Drive
7.   Sensors
8.   Microsoft steps recorder for error reporting
9.   Windows Customer Experience Improvement program logging
10. Windows update sharing
11.  “Do Not Track” in Microsoft edge browser 

You can perform many modifications with Ashampoo Antispy freeware software. You have to just enable / disable the particular settings and these will change the behavior of Windows.

Win 10Wizard and Win 10Security Plus are other applications which help you customize your security of Windows 10 OS.


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