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New macOS Sierra from Apple has introduced with new advanced features.

Apple has introduced its new OS named as macOS Sierra. Apple announced about Sierra in Worldwide Developers conference held in the month of Jun. Apple macOS Sierra has many new features like Siri, APFS(Apple file system) and Auto unlock from Apple watch etc.


Siri makes its debut to new macOS sierra. Siri was launched in 2011 to iOS. Now Siri introduced to Mac. It is a Virtual Assistance in macOS. You can ask Siri on voice commands, it will react accordingly. For example “A picture of Eifel tower”, “what’s whether in New York”, “Send a message to the lily that I will be late for dinner” and more. You can ask anything from Siri.

If you are busy with other task and want to locate some file, just click on Siri and tell what for you are looking. Siri will provide all information available on your Mac as well as on the Internet.

If you want to add a picture or video clip or voice clip to your project, then just ask Siri and Drag that item from there and drop where you want that item.

If you are unable to find any file stored a long time ago, then just ask Siri. You can keep all results from Siri at a place. 


In your new Mac Photos are saved with Face recognition in the library. You can search with the background details like river, mountain, city etc.


Memories collect your best pictures together and make good slideshows that can be shared on social media as well as in your circle.

Apple Pay

When you are using an Apple computer, tablet or Phone, Apple Pay is a secure and easy way to pay for your things. Your card details are safe with Apple Pay and not shared with anyone else. Your transaction will be completed with Apple ID.

Unlock your Mac with Apple watch

You can start your Mac with your Apple watch. You can access your Mac without a password. During your work on Mac if you want to do something in between then just do it and come back and start working without a password.

iCloud Drive

You can access all your document folder and desktop with all your Apple devices with iCloud Drive. These folders and files are automatically saved and updated with iCloud Drive. So no need to worry about your documents, you can access them from anywhere.

Optimized Storage

In your new MacOS Sierra, you need not worry about space. Sierra will create it for you. You just tell Sierra. Your new MacOS Sierra automatically creates storage space by uploading old and rarely used files to iCloud. You can use these files anytime. So there is always storage space for you on your new MacOS Sierra.

Sierra keeps reminding about duplicate files, junk files, used app installer for cleaning. It cleans duplicate downloads, cache files, log and unwanted files from storage.


Now you can send messages with more features added. You can add a location from Siri. You can add Big pictures, emoji, videos and more.


Now with new Tabs system, all your document will be in a row. You can surf any tab from any app, they will be available on all the apps. Your desktop will be clean and no pilling up of files.


With new MacOS, Sierra is designed to work faster and can execute many tasks at a time. With working on an app, you can watch a football match. While chatting on messenger, Siri can find a restaurant for you. You can pick a picture or location from the web and put it in your messenger.


iTunes also comes with new features. You can view lyrics while listening in new Mini player. You can easily find songs in new iTunes. New browse section lets you see available music on iTunes.

Universal Clipboard

Copy and Paste made easier from one device to another with Universal Clipboard. Copy Text, video and imaged from one device and you can paste it on another device easily with the help of Universal Clipboard. 


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