How to set Wi-Fi Settings in Windows 10

Wi-Fi is an essential tool these days. It helps us to connect one device to another device without any wire. You can send data faster over a Wi-Fi network. You can connect many devices over Wi-Fi network at a time.

Set Wi-Fi Settings in Windows 10

To open Wi-Fi Settings, go to Start menu, click on Settings, now click on Network & the Internet (Wi-Fi, airplane mode, VPN).

Here first is Wi-Fi. Here you can turn Wi-Fi ON/OFF. Below it is Advanced Options

Next is Manage Wi-Fi settings. Here comes Wi-Fi Sense. With it, you can connect to suggested Wi-Fi Hotspots and to Wi-Fi networks that your contacts share with you. By using Wi-Fi Sense, you agree that it can use your location. But remember all Wi-Fi networks are not secure.

You can turn ON/OFF Connects to suggested open hotspots. You can also choose to connect to networks shared by my contacts. You will get connected to networks your contacts shares, and they will get connected to the network you share.

Below is Manage known networks. Here you can manage all your networks.

Next is a Related setting. Here you can set many changes.