How to boot faster your Windows 10/8/7

Many applications starting at the same time with windows startup slow it down. By using Startup application manager helps in starting your window faster. It stops unwanted apps to start at the time of windows startup. Windows startup application comes preinstalled and shows all programs running with startup.

Boot faster with your Windows 10/8/7 

The more program you add to your desktop the slower your PC will start. Some of the apps automatically add themselves to startup list and starts every time you do the startup. This app will not list that software from startup.

Open Startup Manager

To open startup manager, go to Task manager by right clicking on Task Bar. You can also open Task Manager by pressing CTL+ALT+DEL together.

Now select Startup and you will get the list of programs which open at the time of Startup. You can disable any program which you do not want to open at the time of startup. Just select by clicking on the program and right click. Select “Disable” from the menu or from right bottom corner of the window.

Take care while disabling programs because some program like OneDrive and Google Drive take backup of your data and sync with your PC at startup, so after disabling they will not sync automatically.