How to change current Start Menu with Windows 7 Style in Windows 10

You can change your classic Start Menu of Windows 10/8.1/8 with Windows 7 by Classic Shell Start Menu. It comes free online. Those who do not want to use their current Start Menu can replace with Windows 7. For that you need to download Classic Shell Start Menu.

Classic Shell comes with extra features for Windows Explorer. Classic Shell helps Windows Explorer to configure display size of selection in Status Bar and free space. You can add status bar and tool bar to your Windows Explorer with the help of Classic Shell Start Menu.

You can change the default look of Start Menu with its plenty of skins and buttons. It make it highly customizable.

Download Classic Shell

To download Classic Shell follow these steps:

Step 1.   Go to this website.

 Step 2.   Click on Download Now. It will take you to next page.

Step 3.   Click on “Download Classic Shell Installer (Latest beta version)”.

Step 4.   After complete download, click on file to open it.

Tick in the box for "I agree for the license Agreement and terms and conditions"

Step 5. Follow installation process to complete installation.

Click on next.

Click on Install.

After installation, you can go to Settings of Classic Shell Start Menu by right clicking on Start Menu. From there you can do all the changes.

Click on Settings.

Choose your type and press OK. 

You can opt for additional changes to your start menu. 

After completion your start menu will look like below image.