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Free video serveilliance software for Windows 10/8/7/XP-SP2 : ContaCam

Today's world needs security everywhere, it became everyone’s concern for security, whether it is home or office. Security plays a vital role in our day to day life. We use security guards or CCTV camera for security. ContaCam is free software for video surveillance. It provides live streaming of camera attached to a computer or network. You can monitor your vital places with the help of this freeware without going there. ContaCam is available with various features and privacy settings. This app is easy to use and monitors via webcam.

Download the ContaCam application in your PC and install it. Open ContaCam from Start Menu > all apps > ContaCam. Now go to Capture and select the camera with which you want to do surveillance.

Now you can see that your live images are available for recording audio/video or you can take snapshots from here manually.

You can customize things from Settings menu. More basic settings can be configured through “Camera Basic Settings”. How you want to use this camera can be chosen from here. In its 1st column, there are four options.

1.   Movement detection surveillance + 24h continuous recording

2.   Snapshots with history

3.   Snapshots without history

4.   Manual record

You can give your camera a name and can also customise its web interface correspondence under its basic settings.

Further, you can opt for the file format in which you want to save your recorded files. There are two options available one is MP4 and second one is AVI. File save duration can be chosen from one day to unlimited days. Videos will be deleted after a specific time. You can change hard disk space taken in percentage for storage purpose and camera folder size. When the free disk space becomes low or the camera folder size is reached , the older recordings will be deleted automatically.

After all comes Email settings, When a motion happens or there is any malfunction in the camera, its inbuilt feature of Email alerts does its job. You need to tell ContaCam your Email and it it will do its job in case anything goes wrong.

Now comes its Advanced settings, this allows users to control everything about the video source including the camera. You can change frame rate, hue, brightness, contrast, saturation, video compression quality, sharpness, audio source to record the voices etc. You can schedule its recording and surveillance process.

Next is snapshot tab, in it time interval can be chosen here with quality. A schedule can be set for snapshots and it will be automatically uploaded via FTP.

Movement detection can be enabled from the last tab. You can choose detection sensitivity  and set detection parameters. You can set detection limits and schedule detection also.

“On Detection Commands”- one motion is detected, it will be executed. ContaCam can record a short time video and also long duration. Contacam sends Email with its video attached, can upload to  FTP server or execute a CMD command.

You can access these videos from Internet from a browser with address provide by ContaCam. It is from both local area network as well as from Internet.

ContaCam is the best surveillance system according to its features and tools. You can access it from all around the world due to its availability with the Internet.


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