How to sign up for Gmail

In our day to day life of technology, we require a service that provides a platform to share our messages to others and others to us. There is so many service provider which provide mail services. GMAIL is one of them. And these days you only require One Google account for all your Google services. Now I will guide you to how to sign up for GMAIL.

Step 1.   It requires an Internet connection to sign-up for Google Mail Services. Go to your web browser and type URL- and press Enter. Below page will come.

Sign up for Google

Step 2.   Now fill up your Name, Choose your Username, Create Password, Confirm Password, Birthday, Gender, Mobile Number, Your current EMAIL address and alphabet/number shown in Picture.

Step 3.   After that click on I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, Before clicking on that read Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Step 4.   Now click on Next Step. Below page will come.

Verification of account

Step 5.   Check your Mobile no and choose the medium with which you want to receive the code and click on Continue.


Step 6.   Enter the code received and click on Continue. A Welcome message will come and you are ready to use Gmail.