How to Download, install and use CCleaner in Windows 10/8/7

CCleaner software developed by Piriform can clear unwanted files left by some programs, invalid registry files of computers and temporary files created by some programs.

CCleaner can clear browsing history, cache files, cookies, recycle bin, file fragments, memory dumps, log files, application data, autocomplete form history and other data.

Download CCleaner

It can be downloaded from various website but I will prefer from its developer’s site that is Piriform. Following steps will lead you to download CCleaner.

Step 1.   To Download CCleaner click on this Website.

ccleaner website piriform

Step 2.   Now click on Download button. There you will find three option as you want to download CCleaner Free or CCleaner Profesional or CCleaner Profesional Plus. Click on which you want to download.

ccleaner free, ccleaner pro, ccleaner pro plus

buy options for ccleaner

Step 3.   It will show a “Thank you for downloading CCleaner”. Meanwhile file will download in download section.

thankyou for downloading ccleaner

Install CCleaner

Step 4.   Right click on that file and click on run/open/install. It will start installing. During installation it will ask to read Terms and condition, Privacy Policy and where to install.

Step 5.   Click on “I agree” and press OK button. It will finish Installing and create a shortcut on PC Desktop.

Use CCleaner

Step 6.   Double left click on CCleaner icon on desktop. It will open in a window. There first click on analyze and then Run cleaner. First it will analyze all unwanted data and after that when you will click on Run cleaner, it will give you a message saying “all files will be deleted permanently do you wish to continue” proceed if you want to clear all your unwanted data.

ccleaner pic 1