● Ctrl+A 
    Use the keyboard shortcut key ctrl+A to select all item in a window or a text file..

● Ctrl+B
     Use the keyboard shortcut key ctrl+B to Bold highlighted text

● Ctrl+C
     Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+C to copy the highlight text.
● Ctrl+F
    Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+F to Find in any program,This includes your Internet browser to find text on the current page.

● Ctrl+N
    Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+N to Create new page Or Documents.

● Ctrl+O
    Use keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+O to open a file.

● Ctrl+P
   Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+P to Print the page being viewed. For example, the document in Microsoft Word or the web page in your Internet browser.

● Ctrl+S
    Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+S to While working on a document or other file in almost every program pressing Ctrl+S will save that file. This shortcut key should be used frequently anytime you're working on anything important..

● Ctrl+T
    Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+T to open a new tab  .Create a new tab in an Internet browser or adjust tabs in word processors.…

● Ctrl+U
     Use the keyboard shortcut key  Ctrl+U to UNDERLINE selected text.

   Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+V to paste the text. The Paste command is most commonly used to copy text from one area to another.

● Ctrl+X
   Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+X to cut selected text or other objects..

●Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y
   Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+Z to Undo  or Ctrl+Y to Redo. Undo any change,For example, if you cut text, pressing Ctrl+Z will undo it. Pressing Ctrl+Y would redo the undo.

●Ctrl+backspace & Ctrl+left or right arrow
      Pressing Ctrl+Backspace will delete a full word at a time instead of a single character.

Holding down the Ctrl key while pressing the left or right arrow will move the cursor one word at a time instead of one character at a time. If you wanted to highlight one word at a time you can hold down Ctrl+Shift and then press the left or right arrow key to move one word at a time in that direction while highlighting each word.

   Use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+escape to open the windows start menu.

●Page Up, Space bar, and Page Down
    Pressing either the page up or page down key will move that page one page at a time in that direction. When browsing the Internet pressing the space bar will also move the page down one page at a time. If you press Shift and the Space bar the page will go up a page at a time.

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