How to use Storage option in Windows 10/8/7

Storage option provides information about disk space on a PC. It tells about each partition in a hard disk. It helps with managing that space.

Use Storage option in Windows 10/8/7

To open Storage, go to Start Menu and click on it, go to Settings by clicking on it. There you will find first tab SYSTEM (Display, notifications, apps, power), click on it. Now click on Storage.

Now as you can see all your drives are visible with the amount of data on it and free space available on each drive. You can select the individual partition to check what is taking up space there. When you click on any partition it will show the list of items available on particular disk. You can delete unwanted data from there also to free some space.

Next In storage is Save locations. Here you can change location for your apps, documents, music, pictures and videos will be saved. By default all will be saved in This PC (C:) drive.

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