How to turn Notifications ON or OFF in Windows 10

In windows 10 there is a notification icon in the right bottom. It notifies time to time about windows update, windows apps, tips about windows, alarms, reminders, incoming VOIP calls over lock screen and many features which will be illustrated further.

Turn Notifications ON or OFF in Windows 10

To open Notification settings windows go to Start Menu, click on Settings.  

There you will find first tab SYSTEM (Display, notifications, apps, power), click on it.

Now go to the second option – Notifications and actions.


Here the second option is notifications. Now you can choose which notifications you want or not with ON/OFF buttons. Here the third option is “show notifications from these apps”. Here also you have ON/OFF toggle button. If you have Windows 8.1 or 8 then you will get a regular notification about up gradation to Windows 10.

As you can see below is the location of new notifications.

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