How to start your PC in Safe mode

Safe Mode operates PC in its basic state with its limited files and folders. Safe Mode enables  your PC to troubleshoot any problem with your computer.

You can open Safe Mode in two ways, one is Safe Mode and the second one is Safe Mode with Networking. Networking allows you to use The Internet and other computers with your network.

Start your PC in Safe Mode

To open in safe mode follow these steps:

Step 1.   Go to Start Menu and select Settings or press Win+I together.

Step 2.   Now select Update and Security in Settings. After that select Recovery.

Step 3.   Press Restart now in Advance Section.

Step 4.   Go to Choose a Screen option after your PC restart.

Step 5.   Select Restart from Startup Setting from Advanced options from Troubleshoot.

Step 6.   When your PC restarts, you will find many options.

Step 7.   For Safe Mode Press 4 or F4 and for Safe Mode with Networking press 5 or F5.

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