How to create Bootable USB drive to install Windows 10

To install or reinstall Windows 10 with a USB drive, firstly you need to download media creation tool and a USB drive with at least 3 GB empty space on it.  

Create bootable USB drive to install Windows 10

To download ISO file of Windows Operating System you need to Download media creation tool from this website. Click on previous link. Below webpage will open.

Now scroll down and click on “Download tool now”

When download complete, run file by left clicking or right click > open file. It will start installing the file. Follow these steps to complete installation and configuration of bootable USB drive.

1.   Click on "I agree".

2.   select whether "you want to upgrade your PC" or "create installation media for another PC".

3.   click on next.

4.   select language, architecture and edition.

5.   click on next.
6.   choose "which media you want to use".

7.   click on next.
8.   select a USB flash drive and click on next.

9.   Downloading Windows 10, when it will finish downloading, your drive will be ready to use. You can use it to install or reinstall Windows 10.

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