How to check IP Address in Windows OS

IP stands for Internet Protocol. IP address connects one machine to another in the Internet world. There are many ways to find out that which IP Address I m using on my device.

Step 1.   One way is by Right click on Start Menu and goes to Control Panel. Then click on Network and Internet, now click on Network and Sharing Center.

Windows settings

There u find active networks, click on an active connection. A pop-up will come.  

IP address

Now click on Details. there u will get your IP Address.

details of IP address

Step 2.   The second way is by Command Prompt. Go to Start Menu, right-click on it and click on Command Prompt. This window will come.

Command Prompt

Now type IP config there and press Enter.

Command Prompt Window

You will find all details about your Internet Protocol. 

Command Prompt Window with details

You can change and reset IP Address from Command Prompt.


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